Thursday, January 28, 2016

CBS "Limitless" series based on the movie seems a bit lame

I sampled a series on CBS, “Limitless”, where Jake McDorman plays Brian Finch, an “average” 28 year old who develops superhuman mental skills when taking a drug NZT.  The abilities sound like hyperthymesia.  In the Pilot, he had to clear himself of a crime committed by someone else on the drug.  On January 26, CBS repeated the Nov. 3 Episode 7, “Brian Finch’s Black Ops”, where he is kidnapped by the CIA for an undercover mission and “trained” somewhere in remote areas of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains. It looks like spring time.
The training gets real, with real casualties.

The series is based on a 2011 film with Bradley Cooper (as a gifted "writer") reviewed on the Movies blog March 24, 2011.  But the television series seems a bit lame now when we have a film on the “inborn” genetic trait of having hyperthymesia, “The Dark Place”, a film where an appealing gay character has the “gift” (Movies, Dec. 2, 2014).

The CBS site for the is here

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