Sunday, January 24, 2016

CNN's "The Person Who Changed My Life"

CNN has been running specials of “The Person Who Changed My Life

Chris Cuomo gave a moving segment as identifying that person as Mario, his son, named after Chris’s father, former New York State Democratic governor.  Becoming a father of a son approaching and entering adolescence himself changed who he is (and one thinks of the movie “Boyhood”).  The report showed a segment with them sailing and fishing together off Long Island.

But Anderson Cooper identified that person as his own father, who would pass away at 50.  Anderson is now 48.  Anderson said that he learned a sense of moral compass from his father.

Poppy Harlow said that person was another female friend, Maria, who got her to focus less on her “selfie” attitude, especially in relationships.

Wolf Blitzer’s mentor was Bernie Shaw.  Blitzer started working for CNN in 1990, a two months before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, so much of his early career was taken by the Persian Gulf War. Shaw helped him learn to work in a visual medium.

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