Sunday, January 17, 2016

Democratic Debate on NBC; popular young vlogger appears with a question

I caught some of the Democratic debate (which repeats on MSNBC at 11 PM), between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, again from “S.C.” (memories of Fort Jackson).
NBC News has its own blog of the debate here.

But the biggest issue seemed to be Bernie Sanders’s “modest proposal” to put in a single payer system for healthcare, replacing the ACA ("Obamacare"), with an extra 2.2% tax on every household, and much higher tax rates for the richest Americans.   Sanders would replace the entire private health care industry.
Sanders also spoke heavily about campaign finance reform, and said that health care is particularly beholden to lobbying.

Harold Pollack of Vox explains why putting in single-payer health care is so particularly difficult in the US.

Hillary said, "No band is too big to fail, no person is too powerful for jail."

Hillary said she would not raise taxes on middle class families. But the better off should pay for family leave.
Bernie was asked if people could change their lifestyles for climate change. Changing away from fossil fuel will lower oil prices and stock prices even more!

O'Malley wants a 100% green electric grid by 2050, and seemed to hint we need to address systematic security for the grids, something candidates don't talk about enough.

The fear-mongering from the GOP debates was relatively little mentioned.

The debates fielded a question from Connor Franta (Wisconsin), one of the most successful video bloggers, on how to get the young adult vote. He seems to have a book, which looks interesting to investigate.

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