Saturday, January 02, 2016

Discovery Channel ponders its future as its programs recently seem more repetitive; try "Dual Survival"

The Washington Post Business Section Saturday, January 2, 2016 has a story by Drew Harwell, “Life after Honey Boo Boo: Inside Discovery’s fight to grow up”   As usual, reality shows are less expensive to produce that traditional documentaries or especially docudramas.

I know someone who has done editing work for the channel (the same person who did proofing for my books).  The palatial company headquarters are in Silver Spring, MD, not very far from the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center.  AFI has held some QA discussions in the building.

Right now, I’m checking up on it by watching “Dual Survival” with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury. The particular episode is Lost at Sea”  and deals with how to survive in a life raft in the ocean.  One of the key advice points is to “not puke” from seasickness because that causes the body to lose all its electrolytes. Later the men, on land, take some time to recover from nausea and then have to make fires from friction just with wood or bamboo. They also need more water, as protein without water increases the rate of dehydration. They improvise a low-tech desalination device.
One problem with Discovery for my use is that it devotes entire days with multiple episodes of the same reality series.  Today, “Dual Rescue” broadcasts all day.  Some of the best series in the past were Ted Koppel's series on China ("The People's Republic of Capitalism") and the film "Alien Planet".

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