Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Law and Order" SVU depicts a mean home invasion

Tonight’s “Law and Order SVU”, titled “Townhouse Incident”, directed by Nick Gomez, was indeed disturbing.  Benson (Mariska Hargitay) becomes a hostage in a brutal home invasion.  A young man and his sister (both white), acting a bit like “revolutionaries” from the Patty Hearst era, target the family (apparently in Queens) of the owner of a supermarket, expecting to find a non-existent safe with cash.  Then, following the pattern of a 2007 invasion in Connecticut, they plan to force the mother to withdraw money.  

Truant officers, looking for one of the kids, become suspicious and tip of police, who set up a typical staged release of the kids.  The sister is talked into surrendering  Finally, Benson suddenly out-maneuvering the guy with karate, who then takes a shot.  In a later part of the episode, the perp (Jue Reegan) just said there was no ideology, he just need the money.  But he sounded like he would take everyone with him, like a terrorist. 

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