Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Steve Harvey show presents the chronicle of a misbehaving substitute teacher, and her husband's forgiveness of her and his subsequent ministry

Steve Harvey today (January 26, 2016) presented a guest (Christine Scarlett) with a startling story and admission of illegal conduct with a student when she was working as a substitute teacher, apparently in Ohio.  The basic link is here.   The story sounds more appropriate for Dr. Phil than for Harvey, who seems to deal with frivolous topics in the world of heterosexual dating in many of his syndicated (NBC) daytime shows (which replaced a show by Nate Berkus).

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the story on the incident here. NBC news ran an AP account of the story here.

Harvey said that in the past year, 781 teachers, many female, had been charged with inappropriate conduct.

Christine, now about 50, appeared with her forgiving husband, a former Marine and corporate CEO. In 2003, she had a quick “affair” with a male two months before his 18th birthday.  (Ohio’s age of consent is 16, but regards contact with a subordinate student in high school or below as an offense;  a few states like California and Virginia still have an AOC of 18).  When she had her second child, she realized that the student must have been the father shortly after the birth.  She confided in the husband. She did not give details, but wound up being charged with an offense, serving 3 days in jail and six months of home detention, and was forced to register as a sex offender and move.  The husband had a severe, nearly fatal case of food poisoning in the meantime.

But as an end result, the husband became a pastor and went to work in Liberia, and was able to help Ebola victims.  He did mention this as a “crusade”.

The narrative in this case is complex, unusual, and would seem to deserve a documentary film, especially from the husband’s viewpoint.

When I was substitute teaching in 2005 in Virginia, there was an episode related to a fictitious screenplay that I had written and posted online (my main “BillBoushka” blog, July 27, 2007).

It is significant that many states (including Virginia) do not require substitute teachers to have teaching licenses.  I don't know about Ohio (in the story today) specifically. See the Issues blog, Dec. 5, 2015.
Picture: Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians, my visit, 2012 (replaces old Municipal Stadium, where I attended some games as a boy).

Update:  January 29, 2016

Today, Steve Harvey covered the problem of "sexting" with a narrative of a teenage girl who might have faced 37 counts of child pornography charges (state unspecified).  Psychotherapist Tiffany Davis Henry spoke.  She advised parents use apps that report all their kids' social media activity to them.  The law has not kept up with technology in many states, and the letter of the law can be quite harsh. 

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