Monday, January 11, 2016

"The Marijuana Revolution" on the History Channel

The History Channel premiered a documentary “The Marijuana Revolution” on Jan. 11, 2016, 123 minutes.

Like previous films, the documentary focused on the complex aspects of running businesses growing, packaging and retailing recreational marijuana in Colorado and now Washington State.
Recreational cannabis is also legal, within limits, in Oregon and Alaska (and the District of Columbia).

The film also showed how it is used in cooking.  Cannabis enters the body much more slowly when eaten (through the liver) so the user may not at first know how much she has consumed.

Banks still refuse to allow money made from legal pot to be deposited because of federal money laundering laws.  So it is still an all cash business, which creates enormous security problems. Some people fear arrest after traffic stops in various circumstances.  Air travel can be difficult because the odor persists on people when they go past the TSA, which is having to adjust its practices when dogs find it.

Federal laws are likely to change only if many more states legalize recreational use.
The town of Raymond, Washington, south of Tacoma and near the coast, may benefit from a large number of jobs associated with cannabis.

Wikipedia offers a map of where recreational use is somewhat legal.

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