Saturday, February 20, 2016

ABC 20-20 presents bizarre case of disappearance of wife from heavily monitored Georgia home

ABC 20-20 presented “A Wife Vanishes” Friday night, a bizarre case where a husband, a tech security specialist, filled his house with cameras to watch his family.  He wife would disappear (June 28, 2011), and later it would be found that he had deleted some of the footage around the time of the disappearance.  Her body would be found some days later (July 16) in the woods in north Georgia after her disappearance. The best link is here

The couple was Matt and Nique Leili, living in Lawrenceville, GA, Gwinett County.

The deletion of the video would lead to charges, four years after the body was discovered. So would perusal of a life insurance settlement   Also did the suspect’s delay in reporting her missing and filing for divorce. It does seem that his eventual conviction was based on circumstantial evidence, as the medical examiner could not absolutely prove a cause of death.  Even some jury members had expressed doubts later at the outset of the prosecution’s case.  But then why did they convict?
His teenage daughters tried to defend their father.  There were questions about Nique’s mental health.  ABC’s legal expert Dan Abrams seemed to feel this was a weak case.

I can remember being foreman of a jury on a weapons case in Dallas in 1982, and coming around to a conviction in two days despite initial reservations.

It seems shockingly easy to get framed if the circumstances in one’s life don’t look good to the outside world.  

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