Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Chicago Med" episode explores the "parental" ethics of the vaccine debate, bluntly

Chicago Med” on NBC, judging from tonight’s episode, “Intervention”, seems to be a lively expose on the risks of working as a resident or admitting physician in any major hospital.
In an early scene, surgeons are removing most of the chest skin from a male patient with flesh-eating bacteria.  It’s gross.  It had started as a pimple.  An older admitting doctor gets called on a missed diagnosis.

Then another patient on an LVAC pump for a bad heart wants it out, and the surgery would amount to assisted suicide.  He can’t stand the pain.  And a transplant is too far down the list.

Then a young physician dispenses the wrong antibiotic by a simple mistake, and his nurse sister wants to write him up.

But the biggest part of the drama concerns the discipline of a young doctor Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss). Apparently an earlier case had resulted in litigation, but Halstead insists on expressing his opinions, to the consternation of supervisor Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkeson).  A child comes in with a contagious bacterial infection, apparently a meningitis.  Later, a teacher at the school gets it and needs a tracheotomy, on camera.  It seems that the disease can be prevented by vaccination, and the earlier litigation has to do with the supposed side effects of a vaccine (which are probably bogus – ironically a theme of “X-Files” Monday night). Will accuses the parents who oppose vaccines as living off the risks taken by parents who do get their kids vaccinated, the whole moral dilemma resembling conscription.

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