Monday, February 22, 2016

"The X-Files" is back on Fox, and rather over-the-top with a super AIDS-like pandemic from alien sources

I returned to a favorite of the 90s, Chris Carter’s “The X-Files”, with the latest of a renewal miniseries completing tonight on Fox (8 PM EST). Tonight’s pseudo-finale was titled “My Struggle II” (hopefully not “Mein Kampf”).

The episode begins with the standard prologue, explaining how Scully (Gillian Anderson) got into the FBI as a skeptical check on Fox Mulder (an aging but still vigorous David Duchovny, with that English professor look), and got drawn into believing there was something really to the X-Files.  Then she got abducted herself.

In the episode, she reports how she was infected while with the aliens, and now the infection may or may not protect her from a new super AIDS-like pandemic hitting the world.  It’s a “virus within a virus” (rather like Clive Barker’s “fish within a fish”, etc.) it seems as though the pre-1972 smallpox virus infected everyone with a Trojan horse, that now destroys their immunity to everything (not “just” the opportunistic infections and Kaposi’s sarcoma of the 1980s).  Particularly, an anthrax epidemic rages.  But George W. Bush is safe from it. At worst, the episode could pander to right wing arguments from the past about what happens if a "gay disease" mutates.  And this is on Fox, of course.
There is a super villain, a totally exfoliated old man, who turns out not to be the Cigarette Smoking Man, who still smokes through his tracheotomy (but is wearing a mask to conceal the mutilation of his face by cancer). Mulder escapes him, and winds up joining Scully escaping DC on the 14th St. Bridge.

The scenes in DC are technically flawed, and interrupted by what looks like Peachtree St. in downtown Atlanta.  There’s a sign that implies that Mulder had been driving north along I-81 into S. C., around Greenville, politically a Tea Party stronghold. So this seems like "conservative" entertainment.

The official site from Fox is here.

Michah Haley has a posting on "The Real X-Files" at the CIA here.

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