Tuesday, March 01, 2016

NBC airs its own special on Super Tuesday; Sanders and Cruz may be doing better than expected; Trump will drag out a "Leg-o-lantern" from "The Apprentice"

CNN covered Super Tuesday in its usual fashion, but NBC News offered a "New Super Tuesday Special" (link ).

Ted Cruz won Texas handily, and took Oklahoma, and has won three states, compared to Trump’s eight so far.  No one else has won any.  “Little Rubio” doesn’t accept how far behind he is. 

Yet many are saying that “Little Rubio” would be the best shot at beating Hillary Clinton, but GOP voters are passionate in their extremes. NBC showed footage at an Arlington VA bar, because northern Virginia has a lot of “establishment” neo-con to more moderate Republicans.

Cruz would appear to be approaching a position where he has the leverage to talk everyone else into getting out, and trying to get the Convention to go with him.

But there is some disagreement on just how ideological Cruz really would be in office. 

And tonight Trump seemed to moderate on the social issues, saying that Planned Parenthood does provide valuable services outside abortion.

Bernie Sanders has three wins tonight (the Colorado caucuses, Vermont, and Oklahoma).  He could win Massachusetts.  He may be a more serious challenge to Hillary than we still think.

As Trump moves on, some of us will remember his little book “How to Get Rich”.  He mentions one of his apprentices, Troy McClain, who later went to work for him in Atlantic City.  Trump paid for his college education.  But it came at a cost during the reality show during Season 1 of “The Apprentice” in 2004, way back in George W.’s days.  Maybe someone will unearth footage of Troy having his legs waxed on camera, “for the team”, as part of a “negotiation”.  Whose campaign would that help?  Or hurt? Remember Steve Carell? (and I don’t mean “The Big Short”) the Man-o-lantern. 

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