Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Race for the White House": Lincoln v. Douglas, making the Civil War inevitable

Tonight, CNN’s “Race for the White House” presented the 1858 Senate contest and then 1860 contest between Lincoln and Douglas for the Republican nomination, best link here.  An issue before 1860 was keeping slavery out of newly acquired territories.  The episode covered the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858
The episode covers a speech that Lincoln gave in 1860, that surprised voters, despite Lincoln’s scruffy appearance.  “Right makes might.”  How was the balcony lit in the back, in the days before electricity.


Lincoln won the election with 40% of the vote, and went on a train tour to try to reassure the public. But security forces disguised him, almost in drag, as he returned to Washington, especially through Baltimore, where there was a lot of confederate support. 

The episode was preceded by a town hall in Columbus, Ohio with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  Sanders sounded strong, and argued that universal health care would help small businesses

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