Friday, April 29, 2016

"Afterlife" on BBC shows a resurrection and ascension, of sorts

Maryland Public television has re-aired some episodes from BBC’s “Afterlife” (2005-2006). Tonight, the episode was “A Name Written in Water”.

Tonight, the young professor Robert Bridge (Andrew Lincoln) lies in a coma from a brain tumor in a London hospital. A distant friend Allison Mundy (Leslie Sharp) visits him, to the consternation of his wife (Anna Wilson-Jones) and a professor (Kate Duchene).  Robert has already lost a son to cancer.

Robert comes out of it briefly,  after Allison has witnessed the “ghost” of an elderly woman dying on the next bed. At the end, Allison witnesses Robert’s resurrection, as his body dies, and then the angel joins another copy of his son.  The angel Robert says that what happens on the other side, in the Core, is ambiguous, both light and dark.

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