Sunday, April 03, 2016

Bill Weir rides down the Colorado River, warns on how long it will last

Bill Weir’s “The Wonder List” visited the length of the Colorado River, from its source northwest of Denver.  Despite being on the other side of the Divide, Denver gets first bid on the supply.

The documentary moves down to Utah to visit the lakes Meade and Powell, and the Hoover Dam, before winding up in the Grand Canyon.

Most of the documentary explored the dwindling water supplies, with a discussion of how cities need to “build smart” and reuse water.  In Las Vegas, homeowners have been asked to remove grass and use gravel for lawns. Everywhere there are exposed white rock showing lower lake levels.

The episode concluded with Weir’s memory of Mt. Sopris in Colorado, near where he was raised.
Weir’s article on the Colorado River is here.

Wikipedia attribution link for map of Colorado River by Shannon

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