Monday, April 25, 2016

Bourdain shows the radical hospitality of the Philippines ; Bourdain's tattoos expand; Zakaria special on radical Islam suddenly postponed

Sunday night, Anthony Bourdain gave us another tour on his Parts Unknown, “Unfinished Business in the Philippines” with all its 7000 islands.

Bourdain talked about the past dictatorships (Ferdinand Marcos), and the lack of government safety nets, people who emigrate to the West often send money home to family members – parents and siblings as well as their own kids.

But Marcos precipitated the biggest massacre of journalists in history, according to Bourdain.

Bourdain waded through ponds created by heavy rain – anticipating a typhoon – and enjoyed a Christmas feast (in September) of roasted boar. “Filippinos love feeding people.” Like Food and Friends?

Many US companies have manufacturing in the Philippines. Author Solutions (iUniverse and Xlibris) does some work there, and the facility is about 100 miles south of an area heavily damaged by a typhoon in November 2013.  Typhoon has more problems with typhoons than Japan, maybe slightly less with earthquakes.

Bourdian seems to have "safely" tattooed the upper sides of his forearms now.  He had gotten it on the chest in Indonesia, remember. That's all right.  At a Cracker Barrel near Quantico Marine Base last night, I overheard a babyfaced leatherneck describing what it would be like to get the other arm illustrated. There are multiple ways to become a man.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of terraced farming in northern Philippines  by Nonoyborbun, under CCSA International 4.0.

Update: 10 PM EDT

CNN has indefinitely postponed Fareed Zakaria's "Why They Hate Us" and no one knows why yet; no other breaking news.  Details on my International Issues blog this eveninh.

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