Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dateline episode "The Client" hits the subject of real estate agent safety, after a horrible case in Little Rock, AR

NBC Dateline on Sunday night April 17 aired an unusual episode, “The Client” (sounding like a John Grisham novel) about the kidnapping of an Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter in Pulaski County (Little Rock), by Arron Lewis.  Arkansas Online has a detailed story on the case here.

Real estate agents are vulnerable to crimes like this. This problem is significant for seniors as sometimes seniors go into real estate as second careers.

Lewis tried to claim she met him for a “consensual” sexual encounter.

His estranged wife Crystal Lowery testified against him at the trial for a reduced sentence.  She was a nursing student when she got a text that he had kidnapped a real estate agent.  Later, the couple decided that the victim “knew too much.”  She was allowed to suffocate to death.  But the original plan had been ransom for quick money.

There is a website dedicated to real estate agent safety here.

I have a personal policy not to allow myself to be taken alive if singled out at all in any kidnapping or terror event.  If it happens, that’s the end.  I don’t want to survive something like this as a “victim” and be ransomed for.  But I don’t work in this line of business.

Wikipedia attribution link got Little Rock courthouse by “City of Roses” under CCSA 2.0

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