Friday, April 01, 2016

"Freelance Economy" looks at artists as businesspersons in NPR's "Articulate" series with Jim Cotter

WHYY of NPR has produced a video Freelance Economy”, with host Jim Cotter in a series called “Articulate” for NPR station WHYY in Philadelphia. (26 minutes).

The overriding theme was the way artists have to respond to the market to make a living and develop entrepreneurial business skills.

The first artists was cabaret director and performer John Jarboe, who isn’t your conventional drag queen.  He wants gender bending, but to become the lumberjack when necessary, rather than be the Nellie who shaves his legs.

He moved on to guitarist Erin McKeown (“Histories”), Thaddeus Squires, founder of Culture Works, and tap dancer Michelle Dorrance. He concluded with Gabriel Kahane, son of a classical pianist and conductor, who focuses now on the art of song with piano or guitar, combining folk or pop with the 19th century idea of art song, which dates back to Schubert, Wolf and Mahler. One of his compositions is “Craigslistlieder”.  Each song solves a harmonic, melodic or cadence problem. He cautions on songs that are too “catchy” as one can tire of them.   He has released at least five CD’s, one of which, called “The Ambassador”, focuses on locations in Los Angeles (drama blog, June 10, 2014).  One of the songs is dedicated to Latasha Harlins, whose death came shortly after the Rodney King riots.

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