Monday, April 04, 2016

"Race 'to' the White House": Andrew Jackson, a preview of today's Trump?

The CNN “Race for the White House” covered the 1828 race between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, who had won in 1824. The link is here.  There's an issue with prepositions here; it's impossible to remember whether it is "to" or "for".  I think "to" is a better pronoun for what is going on with Donald Trump in 2016, so it stays.
Jackson is given credit for starting the Democratic Party and instantiating the idea that the people should pick a president.  He became the first “populist”.

Adams had wanted to build up the nation’s infrastructure for commerce.

The Adams campaign played dirty politics, claiming Jackson was a “bigamist” and slandering his wife – something we’ve seen recently.

It also says that Jackson executed his own men during the War of 1812.
The episode also covers the duel with Charles Dickinson in 1806.

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