Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Rock the Park": two young men explore all the US national parks: today it's Great Basin in Nevada

Rock the Park”, starting in 2014, one of the outdoor series from Litton’s Weekend Adventure, features Jack Steward and Colton Smith visiting all the US national parks.

On Saturday, April 16, Jack and Colton visited Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  This is an area with no river outlets.  Despite desert location, the higher peaks have considerable snow, and ancient pine forests.

Jack and Colton tried to climb 13000-foot-plus Wheeler Peak from a base camp at about 6000 feet. The time of year seemed to be late March.  Unfortunately, they had cold and heavy snow, and their water supply was frozen over night.  They lost close to two hours thawing their water, and could not get to the summit and back before sundown.  The episode showed spectacular open scenery, however.

The men also went spelunking.   I recall a friend falling in a cave and West Virginia in 1990 and having to hike out with a broken arm.  This cave was a little dangerous.

"Those Park Guys" look pretty big and strong, like "college hunks" used by moving companies.

I wonder if they considered bringing Taylor Wilson (who runs his energy business from Reno), who could have helped them look for uranium and other minerals.

The official site for the series is here.

See also "National Parks Adventure" (Imax 3D) on the movies blog for Feb. 16, 2016.

Picture: Wheeler Peak, my 2012 trip.

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