Saturday, April 02, 2016

Vox presents Halloran video on the unprecedented carnage of WWII, just in the numbers

Neil Halloran has prepared an 18 minute documentary “The Fallen of World War II’, where he does comparative analysis of civilian and military fatalities by country and continent, relative to population, for World War II compared to other wars.

Zack Beauchamp described the film in an article on Vox, “You don’t understand how deadly World War II was. This video explains why”.  Vox is slowly moving into the video area, as if to have its own little Internet video news commentary channel.

The video explains how even the British and Americans were willing to inflict casualties on civilians. The heaviest civilian casualties happened in the Soviet Union.

I remember the idea, when women joined the military or worked in factories, was to “free the men up to fight”. Yes, men were expendable, fungible.
He also describes the “Long Peace” and the “New Peace” which are now threatened by radical Islamic jidhadism.

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