Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Anthony Bourdain visits former Soviet republic of Georgia but doesn't mention the nuclear waste problem; Also Senegal

Anthony Bourdain made a visit to the former Soviet republic of Georgia, CNN link.

 When he was stuck at an airport in France, he called a correspondent in Moscow to fly there and start the report.  For the other reporter, himself a bit grizzled, this was a real opportunity.

They visited casinos and resorts before going to Tbilisi, showing the palace of the billionaire who runs the town above the city.

Georgia is known to have some stored nuclear waste, including Strontium, some of which may still be around in the woods.

Wikipedia attribution link for Tbilisi view by  Levin Gokadze, under CCSA 2.0

Update: May 31

On May 29, Bourdain visited Senegal.  The most interesting part of the trip was the observations about the Sufi Muslims, who are much more moderate.  But Bourdain did not mention the antigay laws in Senegal.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Dakkar, by Jeff Attaway, CCSA 2.0.

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