Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Libertarian Town Hall on CNN: Johnson, Weld keep the rhetoric gentle and moderate

CNN aired a 75-minute Libertarian Town Hall, moderated by Chris Cuomo, of the Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson for president, and William Weld for vice-president.

Cuomo started out by asking “What is a libertarian?”

Johnson, like CNN’s Tom Foreman, is also a track athlete.

Both candidates pretty much stayed away from very radical proposals.  But Johnson did propose a single Fair Tax, which would be a consumption tax.

A woman whose son was a quadriplegic in the aftermath of heroin poisoning tried to speak out against legalizing drugs.  Johnson was empathetic, but said he wasn’t proposing legalizing any drugs except marijuana.

Johnson also made a pitch for more use of the free market in health care, saying prices are hidden and kept obscured, and hinting that medical services are overused with needless procedures and tests.
Both were cautious when talking about guns and Orlando, but supported the idea that Americans do need to be able to defend themselves, sometimes.

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