Thursday, July 14, 2016

CNN: "Black, White and Blue: America, 2016"

CNN’s special “Black, White and Blue: America 2016” town hall aired Wednesday night July 13, hosted by Don Lemon (head shaved).  Apparently it was held in Dallas.  The link is here.

Family members of the officers spoke. But there was also the idea of hiring more young minority men into police departments, men with close personal ties to the poorest or most troubled communities, bringing power back to the people in the communities.  Muriel Bowser has proposed such a program with an academy (integrated with UDC) for Washington DC.

The special today has been overridden by the truck attack in Nice, France.  I was sitting in a hotel bar (in Washington DC), having supper before going to a film festival screening, when (right after I ordered food) the CNN report broke and I watched the entire attack live.  Waiters and hosts didn’t even realize what was going on. When I got to the screening at Cato Institute, few people really knew yet, until they looked at their phones.

Read David Brooks, "Are we on the path to national ruin?"

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