Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CNN "Declassified" and Chi Mak, chilling spy from China working as a Naval engineer

Sunday night, CNN aired an episode of “Declassified” about a Chinese spy Chi Mak who gathered US Navy communications technology secrets while working for the government  as an engineer contractor in California.

The best link is here  and there  is a video (not embeddable) of how agents searched his home without leaving a trace, although it’s not clear how they were so easily able to break in (picking locks?)  The FBI bugged their home and claims that Mak and his wife did not have an intimate marital relationship but were more like business partners.

The CNN article warns that China regularly targets employees with security clearances both at home and work with phishing email attacks, possibly tracking and trying to induce clicks on drive by websites or ads.  These kinds of malware would not create ransomware demands but could transmit work secrets and PII and personal habits back to enemies  

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