Saturday, October 08, 2016

Donald Trump had been overheard and recorded talking about his sexual fantasies on the set of "Days of our Lives"; now the media blows it up on him

Donald Trump indeed made a cameo on “Days of our Lives” in 2005, interacting with Nicole, who in the past was considered one of the soap’s most divisive and polarizing female characters (except for Sami).

The clip where he made offensive remarks about his attraction to a particular actress when visiting the “Days” set appear to apply to actress Arianne Zucker, or maybe to Nicole as a character herself.
David A. Fahrenhold, Washington Post reporter, reported on Trump’s lewd conversation with Billy Bush when in a limo on the way to the set of “Days” in 2005, when he was 59, link here.

It’s striking to me that Donald Trump feels pride in the automaticity of his arousal around certain women.  That’s all rather Rosenfels-like.  I can turn this upside down and apply it to myself.

Did the media release this just to embarrass Trump at the worst possible moment?  Was this really intended to be a private fantasy, maybe something masturbatory that normally doesn’t become public at all?

It’s odd that the revelation comes after Days seems so on its way down.  Some months ago, the soap was on a high note with the gay marriage of Will and Sonny.  Then Will got married, and now people are getting killed off (since Hope killed Stefano) in a ganster-related quasi-terrorist siege of Salem.

Update: Oct. 10

NBC reports that the network has suspended Billy Bush, for his apparent conduct in conjunction with Donald Trump's remarks on the Access Hollywood segment, story. However, Access Hollywood may have more lenient standards for conduct and release of material than would a news broadcast. 

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