Friday, December 02, 2016

"One on One" on 20-20: California bizarre kidnapping case, of Sherri Papini

Tonight, ABC 20-20 aired “One-on-One”,  “Inside the California Mom’s mysterious disappearance and search for her alleged abductors”, basic link. ABC's Matt Guttman interviews the husband in this bizarre kidnapping case where the wife was returned battered.

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, Keith Papini came home from work at a Best Buy to his rural home near Redding CA and found an empty house.  His wife, Sherri Papini, left her cellphone near their rural mailbox a mile away.  Keith took a picture of it and called 911.

Sherri was found by another motorist before dawn Thanksgiving morning 140 miles to the south on I-5.

During the investigation, Keith took a polygraph test, and a private investigator and international kidnapping consultant Cameron Gable offered  a ransom.  There was also a GoFundMe effort, and many friends helped with the searches.

The two suspects were female, apparently Latino, and Sherri was branded during the torture.  Law enforcement won’t say if this was targeted or random, but another consultant said this sounded like cult activity.

It is common for sex offenders to live in an area like this.

I doubt I could survive anything like this, and I would not want my life to be bargained for if ever singled out.  It is wise, when in places like banks, to be mixed in with the crowd so as not to be singled out.

Wikipedia attribution link for Mt. Shasta picture by Daniel Schwen, CCSA 2.5   I visited the area in 1975 and 1978 (Susanville).

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