Sunday, December 18, 2016

"The Fight for Melissa" on CBS "48 Hours", apparently wrongful conviction of a day care worker in Illinois

CBS “48 Hours” aired “The Fight for Melissa” Saturday night (Dec. 17), the narrative of former Illinois day care worker Melissa Calusinsku, serving 31 years in prison for the supposed murder of a child in her care with a skull fracture.  CBS has the main story link here with a lot of detail.

The narrative is complicated by an apparently coerced confession, and the evidence of a supposed skull fracture.  But the defense had maintained that the boy already had an earlier injury.

She confessed six hours into the confession, after 79 denials.
There seems to be a real vulnerability for day care or other caregiver workers, often at the bottom of the economic scale.

Here’s a link where documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks (“Unlocking the Truth” on MTV) explains how our legal system is broken.  Prosecutors are under enormous political pressure, to say the least.

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