Thursday, December 01, 2016

Trump's "raucous" prime-time rally in Cincinnati: take care of your own first

Donald Trump’s speech in Cincinnati tonight did say one thing that resonated a bit with me. Most people care about real life, and their local lives:  family, community, sports team, and country, and not about the world as an abstraction and other planets.   

But that can mean subservience to others in your own tribe that you don’t choose to be around. 
He also insisted that the US has the no way to verify the safety of letting in any people from certain countries.  Europe didn’t seem to have a choice.

So he makes “taking care of your own first” a moral necessity.  Your country, your immediate neighbors will come before “the others”.  If you're weak, you fit into other people's social hierarchies, whether you would want to or not. 

He did promise big infrastructure projects and that he would not countenance bigotry, as an abstraction.

Here is Stephen Collinson’s account of the “raucous” thank-you rally on CNN. 

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