Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Trump's Road to the White House" on PBS Frontline

PBS Frontline presented “Trump’s Road to the Whitehouse” Tuesday night at 10 PM. The official site is here.

The documentary covered the stunning and deceptive change in voter reaction to Trump’s aggressive, authoritarian style of manipulating voters, even after the “Billy Bush” report from the set of “Days of our Lives” in October 2016.  The Comey letter Oct. 27 is made to look like a game changer.

The documentary showed Trump’s uncanny ability to outmaneuver critics by making unusual and hard-to-meet accusations against enemies.

The documentary did not cover exactly when people realized Clinton was likely to lose, but by 10 PM I knew she was in real trouble as I sat in a bar.

As time goes by, some of Trump’s behavior and obsession with image and crowd counts is disturbing.
  His appointments are behaving better than expected in confirmation hearings, and his policies are starting to sound more reasonable than anticipated.

He may actually be able to replace Obamacare with something simpler and more effective.  If he really knows the insurance business better than conventional politicians, he could be right.  The effects on immigration, despite the expected executive order soon, may be less than feared for law-abiding residents.  Some infrastructure ideas really will create good jobs.  But what will happen to the environment with issues like the pipeline and coal mining?  Renewable energy is really a better job creator than keeping fossil fuels, but the same people (out of work now) don’t get the jobs.

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