Saturday, March 25, 2017

ABC 20-20 covers case of Noura Jackson in Memphis, and circumstantial evidence convicting her of "Matricide"

ABC 20-20 last night, in “Matricide”, covered the case of Noura Jackson, who was convicted for stabbing her mother to death in their home near Memphis early on Sunday, June 5, 2005.

She would be convicted of second degree murder on what seems like overwhelming circumstantial evidence.  But no DNA evidence was found linking her to the crime. (Some legal authorities see DNA evidence as actually still circumstantial.)  Some of the circumstantial evidence was quirky, such as her wearing long sleeves in summer heat to cover up her self-treatment for injuries during the incident.  She says “I have real hairy arms” and that she often shaves her arms, like a cyclist.  In the trial, she did not testify.

But she won a new trial because the prosecuting attorney broke a rule of criminal procedure by criticizing her not testifying, which is her constitutional right according to the Fifth Amendment.

She wound up taking an Alford plea, accepting the conviction for time served and not admitting guilt, and was released, although not for over a year.  She has settled with relatives for some of her mother’s estate.

Wikipedia attribution link for Beale Street, Memphis image, by Andreas Faessler, CCSA 3.0

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