Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Writers (the professional kind) could strike and send you to watching repeats (or going indie)

There could be a vote for a writers’ strike in Hollywood soon.  The LA Times story is here.

Any strike would be most likely to affect some late night comedy, and some miniseries, especially those not already started.  There are real problems, with exclusivity contracts and dwindling revenues from reruns of existing shows. Entertainment Weekly has a list of specific shows that could be affected here.

Generally, television writing is more rigorous than movie screenwriting because it has to fit exact show segment lengths between commercials.  Imagine making a living writing for a soap opera.

Some big studio films might be affected (the comedy market), but probably not the independent market.
I’ve developed my own screenplays out of my own material, so far, so I am totally independent and unfunded (except by myself and maybe inheritance).  But I get lots of silly emails with paid screenwriting leads.

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