Sunday, May 07, 2017

Anthony Bourdain visits Basque country, especially San Sebastian

Anthony Bourdain visited one of my personal favorties on his CNN “Parts Unknown” Sunday night, San Sebastian-Donostia Spain (eatery writeup).

It’s on the Eurailpass train, but Bilbao, sixty miles to the west, is not.  You take a bus, or at least I did in May 2001.   Bourdain did not visit Bilbao, went over into French Basque country, and also went into the mountain interior.  .

Bourdain says that San Sebastian, in the Basque NE corner of Spain, has the best food in Europe – a lot of sea delicacies like pates based on squid or shrimp and various garnishes and eggs.  I remember this in Bilbao, where I visited the Guggenheim.

San Sebastian has a famous circle beach, a film festival, and the city looks rich when you walk along the canal.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Concha Bay

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