Monday, May 08, 2017

CBS 48 Hours details Nebraska murders committed by a fired medical resident out of revenge

On Saturday, May 6, CBS “48 Hours” aired an investigation of the double murders committed in in 2008 and then in 2013, that turned out to be committed by a former medical resident at Creighton University, Anthony Garica, link here.

The perpetrator had come from an immigrant family in California and completed medical school but gone off the rails and performed poorly as a medical resident, and been fired from jobs in Utica NY and Creighton.  As with James Holmes, he seems to developed some sort of violent mental illness, unusual and disturbing for someone with that background.  The motive seems to be revenge.

Another pathologist at Creighton escaped being targeted by not being home, when she got an alarm from her security company.

Firings of residents aren’t real common, but the work has long shifts and is very exacting.  But a firing can end one’s career in medicine.

I do have some familiarity with the University of Nebraska, which is in Lincoln, indirectly from my time at KU in Lawrence in the 1960s.

Update: Sept. 24

A similar episode aired on Dateline, "Haunting",  Sept. 23 on the same case. 2 hours.  This is one of Dateline's most compelling episodes.  The early part of the episode shows the perpetrator contacting kids online, adding to the chill.

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