Monday, May 01, 2017

Is the hack of "Orange Is the New Black" just plain silly?

A hacker has demanded “ransom” from Netflix for its series “Orange Is the New Black”, Season 5, and Netflix has refused.  Forbes has ridiculed the idea in an article here
I’ve watched an episode and reviewed it before, and frankly I don’t have time to follow many series, given the number of independent films I review. 

As clever as the idea for the series is, it would be harder to write for it than to write scripts for independent films based on the same ideas.

The hacker has threatened other series to upend the “world order” of cable and subscriber television.  Since I am able to, I always watch these things legally (I have Comcast-Xfinity, and also Netflix).  

 I’ll pay to watch an independent film on Amazon rather than hunt it down at one theater in the area, although I try to make it to festivals. 

But I suppose some people would do illegal downloads to watch Orange or other series. Maybe that's even a legal peril for Airbnb hosts. 

The other thing is that I’m usually not upended by “knowing the ending” in advance.  Although for some series (“The Event”, “Flash Forward”) the ending really matters. 

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