Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dateline: "Into the Wild": a teenage pilot survives getting lost, a crash in the Big Horn Mountains

NBC Dateline presented “Into the Wild” on Sunday, a story of how McKenzie Morgan, a teenage girl (17) and private pilot survived losing her way in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, crashed, and survived.

A hiker with a lame horse happened to see her, by fortuitous coincidence.  They eventually got down back to civilization to a sheriff’s car.

She had misread a reading and gone the wrong way, finding the plane climbing higher (over 13000 feet) than it is designed to fly.

The flash link for the episode is here.

The episode showed spectacular canyon country as well as bare peaks with no human traffic.

I visited the area in 1994.

Big Horn alpine scene, Wikipedia, John David Stutts, CCSA 3.0

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