Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hack of HBO's "Game of Thrones" shows the skew in Hollywood for big $$

I have to express some snark at the stories of hackers stealing HBO’s “Game of Thrones” content and threatening to release it, as Grant Rinder reports on Vox. Apparent the threat includes leaking screenplay scripts.

Previously there had been an incident with Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”.

Right now, I discuss my own screenplays and novel plots on a Wordpress blog, because no one perceives any “ratings” value.  It all seems rather silly.  In fact, there is a “third party” rule in Hollywood that doesn’t even allow studios to look at a logline, let alone a script, without an agent,, out of fear of accidental copyright infringement, given the obsession with audience volume with bean counters for the more popular shows and movies. 

Indie media is a different matter, I hope. 

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