Friday, August 04, 2017

"Salvation" on CBS: a teen "superhero" find competing with the Russians matters more than saving the Earth from an asteroid

“Salvation”, on CBS, is a somewhat hyped series about how the US deals with an asteroid threatening Earth.

Liam Cole is the 20-year-old MIT student played by British actor Charlie Rowe, who discovers the asteroid shortly after the government does. Clean cut and charismatic, Charlies finds himself in a bizarre political struggle where his own professor wants him to cross over to the Russians, who seem to be competing for the solution.  The story become a reflection about today’s ideas of power and oligarchy and money as becoming more important than survival.

Erica Luttrell is girl friend Claire.

There are eight episodes, packed into six Wednesday evenings July 12 through August 16. 

Update: Sept. 10

On Aug. 30, the president collapses dead as she is about to tell the nation.  Apparently the Russians poisoned her. So the public doesn't now yet.

Update: Sept. 21

The season finale "The Plot Against America" sees the return of the female president MacKenzie. and a NORAD warning of a Russian nuclear attack. The "good people" will live on an orbiting space station for 2 years until Earth recovers.  But Liam, in the very last scene, announces a discovery that could change everything, a glimmer of hope.

Liam is turning out to be a kind of Messiah, the perfect kid that every parent wants.  Does this fit our preconceived fantasies of what superheroes should be like? White, cis male, both geeky and reasonably athletic, and perfect to look at.  Someone gay men and straight women want in bed.

Sounds like there may be a season 2, and it might start on the space station and return to Earth.  I claim that idea.

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