Sunday, October 01, 2017

Lisa Ling covers sex therapy on her "This Is Life" series

Lisa Ling, in her series “This Is Life” on CNN, presented an episode on sex therapy, in one of the most explicit episodes ever, best link.  This seemed to be the premier for the fall of 2017. 

She started with a couple in a second marriage where the husband had settled into his role of instant family but host the ability below the waist.

She presented a therapist who treated a middle aged man who simply wanted to be able to experience intimacy.

She mentioned the movie “The Sessions”, and presented a therapist in San Francisco treating a young man with cerebral palsy.  Lisa Ling joined in appearing in the nude in that session (blurred on television).

Intimacy was presented as an end in itself.  I remember the tension when I went through my heterosexual dating in 1971.

Intimacy in relationships makes openness to those in need easier and more likely. 

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