Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Shaun becomes more "assertive" as "The Good Doctor" progresses

Two more episodes of “The Good Doctor”.

I didn’t see “Point Three Percent” until today, watched online.  Shaun has to deal with the idea of “lying” to a minor patient, a boy who resembles his deceased brother. He even says to a nurse “I need you” to get her to do the lying for him.  Them he has to ask if he is in trouble for ordering an extra test when he believes the osteosarcoma diagnosis may be wrong (0.3% chance)  There’s an interesting medical question:  could Epstein Barr virus have caused the sarcoma in a genetically susceptible patient?

There’s a subplot about an older man with tapeworms.

In Episode 6. “Not Fake”, Shaun decides he can save a leg after a huge accident with a titanium femur. Another female patient is severely burned.

Shaun avoids eye contact and is always probing the way he roves with his eyes. He says he doesn’t want “love” but he really does care about people.
I want to see his boyhood cat visit him.

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