Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"The Good Doctor" went door-to-door as a boy

The Good Doctor” continued with Episode 2, “Mount Rushmore”. 

The episode starts with Shaun waking up in his minimalist apartment, doing pushups, and arriving at work.  The bus is late, and he says it cannot be his fault that the bus is late.  Odd.
His bedside manner is challenged when he is brutally honest about seeing a patient’s sarcoma near her aorta.  But later he will propose a way to save her life, by removing a kidney first to get at the tumor.

When he questions the discharge of a little girl with stomach problems, he goes to her house later, just in time to save her life, too. 

His manner sounds robot-like, rather like Spock in Star Trek. But he can question other people’s social games, like sarcasm.  He sees and processes everything the way a cat would (compared to a dog) – and cats really do notice everything in their environments. Still, he remains lovable. It is almost as if he came from another planet with unusual abilities and different modes of self-awareness and expression. 


The title of the episode comes from a flashback where as a boy he is raising money for a brother’s cancer treatment after a trip from Wyoming to Mt. Rushmore (in SD) is canceled. When a homeowner turns him away, he throws a stone.  I found that backstory disturbing, as I am sensitive myself to receiving door-to-door visitors out of security concerns.  That is getting less acceptable today than it used to be.  

ABC has reportedly ordered the rest of the season as episodes. 

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