Wednesday, November 22, 2017

ABC Nightline covers the sacking of Charlie Rose for sexual harassment

Wednesday night, the very late Nightline (airs at 12:35 AM on ABC) aired a report of the firing of Charlie Rose from both PBS and CBS after allegations of past sexual harassment of women surfaced. The video link is here

The allegations included appearing partially nude and making unwanted phone calls.

But a couple decades ago producers would say, “That’s just Charlie being Charlie”.
More women come forward against a growing list of male celebrities as “critical mass” has been reached. 

Rose denies some of the claims.  There can be problems proving accusations for abuse years ago unless there are multiple victims.

But if you did something bad three or four decades ago it can come back to bite you and end your career very suddenly now.

Or are these witch-hunts?  It's senior citizens who are going down. 

I tried PBS during the Charlie Rose slot and indeed there was silly emergency fill-in programming.  I forget what it was. 

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