Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Days of our Lives": Gay character Will Horton returns as a ghost, thinking he is EJ

Days of our Lives” has gotten a little interesting again.

It seems as those Will (again played by Chandler Massey) has come back as a ghost, resurrected by a witch, but the thinks he’s EJ.  Sami is back in the show, claiming she is his mother.  Sonny tries to convince Will that he had his daughter before he accepted who he was and married Sonny.
This is indeed a gay ghost story.  Or is this the sci-fi thing of switching bodies? 


In the meantime, JJ (Casey Moss) rocks. He has become the straight version of Will. Now when he does the right thing, he gets in trouble because of luck. The Dimera’s somehow hire Theo, who seems autistic, to commit a robbery for them. JJ catches him and thinks the scanning device is a gun.  When JJ says “drop that weapon”, Theo interprets it literally and turns to show the device. JJ  thinks it is a gun and shoots him. 

In a later episode JJ thinks he really did recognize Theo before pulling the trigger -- mind tricks.
I think DOOL needs to bring on Dr. Shaun Murphy from ABC's "The Good Doctor" as a crossover to bring Theo back!

It now looks like Will was rescued after the strangulation, found breathing, and given a drug to make him believe he was someone else.  I don't know how credible this is as sci-fi. 

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