Friday, November 24, 2017

Home team football on Thanksgiving Night (Washington Redskins win a sloppy game)

Well, Thanksgiving Day somewhat became game day (as on my GLBT blog), but for the first time ever the Washington Redskins hosted a Thanksgiving Day game at FedEx field, against the New York Giants.

NBCWashington carried the game, pre-empting usual programing.  I wonder that so much other programming stops for college and pro football, not just on the weekends but Monday nights and now Thursday night.
The Redskins won, 20-10, but the game was sloppy, and closer than the score makes it sound. The Redskins improved their record to 5-6 and are barely in the playoff contention. 

Football fans are slowly finding themselves under a moral cloud, as the NFL concussion problem grows, and the harm to young men in high school and college becomes more apparent  This old idea of fungibility that George Gilder likes is coming into real question.  Nevertheless, actor Richard Harmon stands by the Fighting Irish.  

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