Saturday, November 25, 2017

" A Killing on the Cape": ABC 20-20 covers a 2002 murder on Cape Cod of a fashion writer

On Friday, Nov. 24, ABC 20-20 aired a 2-hour detective story, “A Killing on the Cape”, link (paywall with your cable company). 

Attorneys Sonny Hostin and Dan Abrams contribute to the narration of the story or the rape and stabbing of fashion writer Christa Worthington in 2002 in Truro, MA, in Barnstable County, on the way to Provincetown.

Eventually a black “garbage man” (Chris McCowen) was convicted to her but he maintains his innocence from prison despite the DNA evidence.  He admits he was intimate once. 

The episode covered the “race” angle, which does not seem critical. 
The episode was also developed as a "True Crime Podcast Hit" by ABC radio.
I drove through the town myself in August 2015.

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