Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexual harassment scandals and witch-hunts continue; there are no words

I could say, there are no words.

Lauer must not have been expecting the call Tuesday night. 

(I worked for NBC myself 1974-1977).

And then Garrison Keillor (“A Prairie Home Companion” which became a movie) is also being completely erased by Minnesota Public Radio after a bizarre story of one indiscretion.  Bari Weiss opines here

The witch hunt feeding frenzy continues.

Oh yes, the powerful kept the women (and sometimes men) silent, in fear for their jobs.

Or is this always the case. There seems to be no statue of limitations, not presumption of innocence in any of these cases.  Anyone could make up a claim.

You wonder what it is like to get a phone call suddenly about things that happened a few decades ago.

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