Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"The Good Doctor" bonds with an autistic teen patient on Season 1 Fall Finale

The Good Doctor” (“22 Steps”) on Monday night gave Shaun his most interesting challenge yet. He treats a young teenage boy who presents after an accident and other unusual symptoms and is the first to recognize that the teen is autistic, “like me”.

It gets interesting. During an MRI, Shaun tries to calm the boy by counting steps.  It only works so far. The parents have given the kid a fad diet to counter autism, and as a result the boy has a serious intestinal illness needing surgery.  The parents don’t want Shaun to participate.  But Shaun, as usual, winds up being the only person who can save the boy’s life. The boy actually likes Shaun. The intestinal surgery scene has some pretty realistic looking bowels. 

There’s a subplot of a 73-year old man who deliberately broke his pacemaker because he wants to die. Pretty depressing.

And we could lose the part about Shaun’s supposed 2 AM calls when he loses a tool in the apartment.
Shaun finally buys a flat screen TV and enjoys football. Maybe, like Richard Harmon (who is so spectacularly successful as an actor in “The 100” at 26 precisely because of social skills) he’ll root for the Fighting Irish.  Maybe Shaun will take up the problem of concussion damage in the NFL.
I think they should do something with that loose end where Shaun puts out tuna for a stray cat.  It would make sense to have Shaun befriend a stray cat (or for the cat in Wyoming to join him), or maybe a larger cat like a serval or lynx.  He probably would communicate well with sentient wild animals, especially cats and even foxes. 

Update: Nov 28

On Nov. 27, the series started its Winter episodes with Episode 9, "Intangibles".  Shaun dissects the doubletalk of heterosexual flirting, but helps save a pediatric heart patient from Africa with a simple but brilliant idea. 

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