Thursday, November 09, 2017

"Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America": CNN Town Hall tonight

On Thursday Nov. 9, CNN hosted a Town Hall, “Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America” hosted by Alysin Camerata   Here is a major link for it, maintaining that 20% of all Americans know a woman who has experienced sexual harassment at work.

Anita Hill, now a professor at Brandeis, also helped host.

Gretchen Carlson talked about her experience at Fox with Roger Ailes, and then about a creepy experience early in her career on Capitol Hill. 

There was discussion of the fact that in Congress there are several legal impediments for women reporting sexual harassment against male congresspersons.

Matt McGorry, from “Orange is the New Black” also spoke.
On my Wordpress news commentary blog, I have pubbed a detailed guest post by David Essel, “Sexual harassment, when will it end?” 

Today Roy Moore was accused of illegal sexual harassment during his candidacy for a seat as GOP Senator from Alabama, link. Moore's supporters made an odd comparison to Joseph as father of Jesus, which I have heard in sermons before.  Joseph had some explaining to do. (See "BillBoushka" blog, Dec. 24, 2007 on a sermon by James Somerville.) 

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