Monday, December 18, 2017

CNN Heroes 2017

Sunday night, CNN, hosted by Anderson Cooper, hosted its annual CNN Heroes. The presentation ran past midnight. 
Here is the link giving the top ten heroes.  

The lineup starts with Stan Hays and barbecuing to feed hurricane victims in Florida and Texas.

Most of the heroes were recognized for meeting personal needs close-up, and mostly for people who cannot fend for themselves, sometimes medical or inherited disability, or often adverse circumstances.

My own talents would have to be much more specialized if I went in this direction.  For example, I could assist with chess tournaments (they happen in low income areas) or with helping people deal with Internet scams or viruses. But the needs here seem to be much more basic.

The Red Cross has been trying to recruit volunteers to install smoke detectors.
Do journalists like Anderson do this themselves? How could they have time?

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