Sunday, December 31, 2017

Litton's Weekend Adventure visits Belize

Saturday morning, Dec. 30, Litton’s Weekend Adventure aired something interesting because of what I’ve covered before.  They aired two half-hour segments on ABC shot in Belize, which I have talked about before with regard to a local church “Mission in Belize”.

This time the first segment showed film jaguars and ocelots, setting up items to attract them.  The females showed up with their young.  Earlier National Geographic films have shown that wild big cats sometimes start to accept humans beings around them to film them;  in one case a wildlife photographer consoled an aging female leopard as she passed away.

The second segment showed sea turtles of the coast of Belize. It was hard to see how they (as reptiles) could stay underwater so long.
Wikipedia attribution link for Mata pyramid in Belize, CCSA 2.0, by Ian Mackenzie. 

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