Thursday, December 14, 2017

Omarosa, of course; CNN nasty to OAN for Moore glitch

I remember Omarosa Manigault Newman in Season 1 of Trump’s “The Apprentice”.  She got fired, but Trump seemed to like her, and it was mutual, as she apparently had the run of the White House for her invented job as a liaison to the African American community.

So here is the story of her second firing. “He is not a racist” she says.

She had a problem getting along with Chief of Staff Kelly.

OAN reporter Trey Yingst tweeted that he called and after she put him off she hung up.

My own sense was that Omarosa did make a Trump presidency less menacing at first. She used to be the heart of Trump's reality world. 

There was another story about Roy Moore’s loss to Jones in Alabama.  OAN supposedly called the election for Moore and then retracted the story,  CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted (in a retweet of Jon Levine) “This is bad and/but also shows how irrelevant “One America News” is.”  Seems inappropriate for a mainstream “liberal” network to call a conservative network “irrelevant” on a mistake.  All the networks blew it calling Florida too early in the 2000 election. 
Trey did ask a pointed question about the ending of network neutrality in the White House Briefing today.  I was home and reconnected to cable just in time to hear if after a scheduled maintenance power outage in my building.
Whatever happened to Troy McClain, who let his legs get waxed to “take one for the team”? Trump mentions him in “How to Get Rich”. 

Omarosa will be interviewed Thursday night on ABC Nightline, video here.  

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